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Formerly of NYC, I am moving to Philadelphia to obtain a second degree in imagination.



As I discussed in an earlier post, pre-Comics Code comic books are full of fascinating women superheroes who’ve been more or less forgotten in the decades since WWII. Born in the era of Rosie the Riveter, when there was a national campaign to get women into workplaces, these costumed heroines…

Yes, muther.

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Pippa + blood part four. Five? I don’t even know


Pippa told Brandon the other day that when she was in my tummy she got married to blood and that’s why they danced together when she was born.

Thank you, Pippa.

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Travel Savant: Williamsburg
Then She Fell

Follow us down the rabbit hole and score one of the 15 coveted nightly tickets to Then She Fell, Third Rail Projects’ site­‐specific ode to Lewis Carroll.

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I want those tickets.

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I had a dream last night that was a crossover of the feminist theatre scene in Philly and Cormac McCarthy’s “The Road.”

After we (all the ladies in Philly theatre) descended upon our captors (mostly men in chef’s coats) in a giant barn, I was asked to give a rousing speech about feminism and togetherness to the crowd. I tried but kept getting interrupted by a doddering old man who was talking to his wife about the food. I finally turned to him and said “Sir, I’m trying to give a rousing speech to this crowd, could you please keep it down?” He didn’t understand.

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